Syria´s leftover
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The armed war in Syria began on the 15th of March, 2011.
In the wake of the Arab Spring, people rushed out to the streets to demonstrate and protest for political reform.
It is no longer solely about the overthrow of Assad. The main reasons for the violence in Syria are religious and ethical conflicts. Thousands of people have fled to Turkey, which borders Syria, in search security, especially women and children.
The United Nations estimate that more than 220.000 people have been killed. Two million people have fled from Syria since the beginning of the war.
Thousands of people have fled to Turkey. Turkey has a direct border to Syria which the Syrian people are able to cross the border for security. Especially women and children.
Turkiye, Ruba, Fatma, Eye and Suhely had to flee Syria after the death of their husband and father. He was a policeman, they feared they would be kidnapped and killed as well. Since then, they have been living in Mardin. Mardin is a city in southeastern Turkey, about 30 km to the north of the border to Syria. The population of Mardin speaks mostly Arabic. Many Syrians flee to this town, because in this way no linguistic barrier exists.