Le cadeau
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I was tactless to live and felt I was worthless; for me, the plants in the garden were good friend. I considered the plants beautiful for living and withering silently without a word, and I thought of living the same way without telling my pain to the others. I deemed to be born as a plant and not as a human being in my next life. I dreamed of becoming a small grass in the field: sometimes be covered with dew, have the leaves bitten by insects, rambling in the wind and wither away without people noticing.
There are numerous numbers of lives like plants living silently on this planet. There is also numerous numbers of people living quietly with their thoughts hidden quietly in themselves. It is my desire to stand by and empathize with them quietly. “You live here,” “You spent your life like this”: it is me who stands here. “You can live here,” “You can watch from here”: these were the words that I received when I was in agony and now I like to give them to the viewers of my work. I strive to accept your grief and whisper to you “Please stay here and live.” The collection was meant as a “ Le cadeau” or a gift.