Project info

As a child I spent a lot of time watching and wondering about the patterns on the wall behind our gas heater where the light passed through the rising heat. I kept passing my hand through it seeking something physical causing the shadow-like distortions on the wall. Only much later as a physicist doing research in light scattering did I reach the 'aha moment', where the explanations of science answered the questions of my eyes.
As a photographer I've found this same fascination and pleasure in revealing hidden textures, especially of subjects that mirror the same nostalgic joy. I have a deep-seated love of horses from childhood, and the strong lines of this ethereal creature became an ideal muse. The use of side and back lighting emphasize the forms and textures of this spirited horse, and black and white eliminates the distraction of color. This set of twenty one minimalist images of Elliott in his stall reflects a lifelong enchantment with light and horses.