Chokora Ni Watu Pia
Project info

Chokora Ni Watu Pia translates from Swahili to Street Children are also People.

Kenya has at least 300,000 homeless children who call the streets their home. With little or no responsible adult supervision they are among the most vulnerable people on earth. Mainstream 'society' considers them a nuisance at best and like vermin at worst. Shunned by society, often hungry and insecure many turn to drug or solvent abuse. The majority are boys though girls make up a significant minority and are especially at risk.

"Some of us came into this world trough the back door. Our lives are in stark contrast, yet we see the same stars. We are not so different after all"

I worked for many years with Child Rescue Kenya and have now started visually documenting some of the children they work with. This is an ongoing project.

NB: Children's names have been changed.