“The Way Things Are”
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“The Way Things Are”

Is it possible to explain everything that happens to us through common sense?
Is our sensory perception sufficient proof of reality?
Sometimes it is difficult to draw a line that separates madness from other ways of consciousness. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a place that can be, simultaneously, frightening and wonderful.
The project “The Way Things Are” arises in the year of the snake, when a succession of events that exceed my intellectual and emotional understanding began.
Being unable to depict the unknown, working with the camera has turned into a kind of meditation, into a protective ritual, a visual awareness.
This series unfolds as a chart that hopefully, will keep me from drowning in the tantalizing role of the victim as much as the heroin. In this metaphoric journey, the images become footprints, signals, love songs, premonitions, warnings, revelations, scars, relief, endings and beginnings.
All threaded like beads in a necklace.