Body Imaging
Project info

Body Imaging, an installation/performance/photography piece, affords a unique collaborative occasion to make photos of all types of bodies, allowing people to display as much/little exhibitionism as they wish in a protected, safe environment.

The procedure for making the images is as follows:
EXAMINATION: Only doctors & photographers examine people’s bodies at distances reserved for lovers. In my performative role as “photo practitioner,” I peer at people’s selected body parts at incredibly close range. The installation morphs a physician’s office into a photo studio where the real overlaps with the faux, the border between public and private becomes porous, investigation couples with intimacy, notions of service collide with exchange, & the humorous mingles with the serious.

PROCEDURE & TREATIMENT: People in the waiting room fill out questionnaires, then enter the office to consult re which body part they’ve picked for imaging. Here preexisting conditions are a plus. Photos are taken in the studio with patients/participants involved in choosing the final image; photos are immediately printed out, placed in VIP plastic badges & given to patients/participants as mementos for their contribution.

And no, I don’t take insurance.