The butterfly project.
Project info

This project is composed of two distinct parts. both are works in progress.
One is a study of butterflies. All the shots are wet plate collodion large and ultra large format macros. shot on a wooden field camera with a modern lens mounted back to front.
These are the plates show here.
I am just not getting bored of shooting these, each creature has such distinct features that we cannot see otherwise.
The ephemeral side of them is something that speaks very much to me.
The second part o f my project is still a work in progress;l I hope to be finished in a few months. This is an installation piece composed only of clear glass ambrotypes.

This whole project is, to me, the logical continuence of my rebirth and metamorphosis. Finding freedom from my restraints, the gift of lightness and change and the emphasis on the ephemeral quality of life.