Driving Hazy
Project info

Driving Hazy is a photographic installation consisting of a photographic print directly applied to the wall, a framed photograph and a polystyrene block wrapped with a photo sticker and cellophane foil. For this work, Kruithof went to New York’s financial district and asked people wearing headphones to dance for her. She documented this publically exhibited moment of intimacy by photographing the shadows that appeared on the granite surfaces of the surrounding buildings. With irony and humor Kruithof manages to shift perspectives actually and metaphorically, and reveals the delicate, often disregarded nuances of what it means to watch, observe and being looked at.


Installation out of sticker photo 180 x 120 cm directly applied on wall
Polystyreen base 24 x 100 x 50 cm with photo sticker 100-70 cm sealed with cellophane
30-40 cm framed photo (aluminium frame and blue glass) and one 1 photo: 20-30 cm Ultrachrome print with diasec