Project info

Self-Exposures is a series that has been in development since early 2015. With this series, I walk the line between reality and artifice. Although we know intellectually that it is a falsity, photography has been traditionally considered to accurately capture and record images of reality. I point my camera at the world, but the choices I make, both during and after the making the original photo, allow me to challenge prescribed photographic rules to create images that are removed from the commonly recognizable. I strive to push the boundaries of photography to communicate the inherent complexities of the world. I want to push viewers to consider “What is that, and how is it made?” rather than giving away that it was made with a camera. The images in Self-Exposures are less a recreation of my persona than of the faults, frailties, strife and triumphs of all women. They are as much social commentary as self-expression and introspection. Every warrior has a weapon, my art is mine.