Portrait Submission
Project info

The heart and soul of the Pacific Northwest's rich culture and community are its craftspeople and artisans. This work captures those who are pursuing their crafts in and around Seattle, Washington. Many owning, operating and working in their own businesses, others plying their craft within an established business, relying on their talent and skills to earn their livings, all while pouring their heart and creativity into realizing their dreams.
Not all craftsmen, artisans and creatives are the traditionally recognized “artists”, painters or sculptors with work in museums and galleries. Many are in fields that have no tangible art to hang or display yet are deeply artistic, creative and talented in the ways that enrich our lives through the senses. Seemingly ordinary things we experience daily, and often can overlook are often the work of creative, talented people of that are the heart and soul of the city.
I chose to create this project because I wanted to expand on my chosen style of professional, commercial photography; photo journalism and documentary photography. I wanted to expand my strengths and show that I have mastered not only the technical aspects of environmental portraiture and photographic storytelling such as lighting scouting, and planning but more importantly reaching deeper into my subject to portray not only a photograph of them, or their craft but to highlight and show their personality, their passion and often times their soul. I also wanted to connect photo journalism and documentary photography with my style of environmental portraiture. I do not alter or stage the location where I shoot. I do not change my subjects appearance. The only addition to their environment I introduce is lighting to enhance the mood and feel for what they create and where they work.
These people have not only chosen their craft and their art as a job, as a profession, or as merely a way to make money, they have taken a skill, a talent and a love for what they do and made it into their life. They often times just scrape by, start businesses, start studios or shops, succeed and fail and then they start over again. They move locations if needed and many live where they work and create their arts. They not only just survive or get by, they live their dreams and share that passion with others.