Project info

Careful, unhurried and patient observation is important in my work. I am fascinated how to reflect subjective experiences in pictures. For me photography is not a simple representation of reality but rather its transformation and interpretation. Capturing situations sometimes invisible to the human eye photography refers more to the imagination than to visual perception.

In the series “Veiled” the starting point for my project comes from my fascination with plants – their forms, shapes, structures, unpredictability and diversity. I have created some kind of sculptures wrapping plants with materials. In the studio I constructed the curious and unidentified forms.

However it is also a reflection on the subject of visual perception and photography itself based on the idea that objects on photographs have interpretative power to evoke other things. I wanted to make the viewers wondering what the material is hiding. They want to lift the veil but it is impossible. There is only an image.

I also try to play with the expectations of the viewers and therefore to photograph against their connotations of the given subject. In this case I refer to the classic theme of photography and art in general – still life with flowers.