South Sudan goes Fashion!
Project info

The Festival of Fashion & Arts for Peace was launched in 2012 and aims to offer a platform for artists, designers and models from across the country to showcase their creativity, earn a living and educate the audience about South Sudanese cultural heritage and national identity. There is a lack of common identity as South Sudanese, being a nation still rattled by interethnic tension and violence. Traditions that go from generation to generation have been lost in the struggle for survival and migration, and South Sudanese cultural heritage has been under considerable strain as a result of the protracted civil war and continuing violence across the country.

The Festival of Fashion & Arts for Peace is an important cultural touchstone that helps defining the new country’s cultural identity, expressing the aspiration of the models and designers for a normal and peaceful life. Juba still has the feel of a provisional place, but with every tiny step, the country inches closer. This 2-day event demonstrates that style can sneak up on us from many places beyond New York, Paris and Milan - South Sudan goes Fashion!