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Jean-François Lepage – Recycle (Prelude) exhibition at Galerie Madé – 30 Rue Mazarine 75006 Paris, France.

Welcome to an offbeat universe where cut photographies make us daydream. Close to Saint Germain des Près, in a calm narrow alley, there is this surprising exhibition full of talent. Pictures, both alluring and disquieting, absorbe us in a deconstructed world conducive to emotional and physical discoveries. In an oniric atmosphere, spectators attracted by the curves of bodies or simply by the palette of colours ” lose themselves in pictures”. From a red dot to a white arm, you cannot help yourself looking at these frames. Deformed and reworked, in one shape or multiple facets, these archives images come back to life, with a desire to get things moving. With his cut-out technique, Lepage has created a fresh eye on art. Enigmatic and fantastic, the universe of Lepage makes us feel emotions, project images on our minds and most of all, it makes us want to create and re-imagine these photographies every time our eyes meet.

Alice Develey – March 2015