No one knows my story - Survivors of sex slavery in Kasai, DRC.
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Far away from the world’s attention, a vicious conflict in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has resulted in countless women being used as sex slaves by the Bana Mura militia. The women photographed are those who have escaped. Some women have been held captive for over a year, some kidnapped several times after escaping, many are pregnant or have had children whilst in captivity. While 64 of the 157 women and children are known to have escaped or been released, many only after ransoms being paid, at least 93 remain enslaved as residual victims of the war. The women have told their unknown stories in the hope that people will hear their call to help free the remaining women and children from enslavement. There is no global clamour for their release, nor for the punishment of the perpetrators.