Occupy London
Project info

This series of pictures was taken (on October 31, 2011) as an attempt of recording a historical moment started the previous month in the United States, by those ones demanding alternatives to world capitalism. So these youngsters took the center of London where the big companies work in order to make people conscious of inequality. It was a theatrical performance in the streets with the rythm of "Thriller", indeed very peacefully. It had its base camp nearby next to St. Paul´s Cathedral. In that square children of protesters had fun since their parents were engaged in protest. Spanish people from the 15M social movement joined their claims.
Bank workers and alike did not actually seem worried at all about this global movement for social justice. They gazed at these young people as if it were a masquerade, feeling themselves safe in their glass and steel towers. Police was there with that purpose in fact.
Eight months later everything was over.