Bosnia and Herzegovina
Project info

This project is born from my first real experience with photojournalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina ten years ago. I do not think many things in that country have changed since then. The subjects to be depicted were: religion; the people from the Serbian Republic of Bosnia; Sarajevo as a tourist city; a market around Mostar; the Srebrenica Genocide Memorial; and the camp for displaced people from Kravica (Bosnian Serbs), a town torn down by Bosnian Muslims. Not all of these subjects make part of this series.
One of the most remarkable things was that people from the three main communities were eager to be photographed. However, injuries have not healed yet and you may become an intruder. This country still remains an irreconcilable land. Folks from Bosnia are, at least I got that feeling, an inward-looking nation. But I also think it was just the result of the war and the role the rest of the world played herein. They only need more time to forget the past and smile again. And they are looking forward to welcoming us all.