"Old belivers"
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The Lipovans from Romania is an ethnic population of Russian origin. The reform in the Orthodox religion in Russia in 1652-1658 under the Nikon patriarch and confirmed by Moscow in 1667, led to the breaking of the Russian Orthodox Church in two fractions: the Nikonians and the old-rite believers (Starovers).

In the face of these restrictions, the Starovers left their homes, spreading all over the world, including the Danube`s shores in Dobrogea. Dobrogea was a preferred destination because originally, they were fishermen on the Don and Nipru, and the Starovers could start again practicing their occupation.
Nestled between freshwater lakes and the reed-covered marshes, a few kilometres from the Black Sea, Sarichioi is home to one of the oldest Lipovan communities.
Lipovans, members of a Russian minority, pray during the Orthodox Easter midnight mass held in the Slavonic language in Sarichioi village.
Traditional costume reminds the old elements brought by Lipovans from central Russia.