MSF: Bubukwanga Refugee Camp
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Every day, all over the world, ordinary people must flee their homes for fear of death or persecution. Many leave without notice, taking only what they can carry. Many will never return. They cross the border, looking for safety and humanitarian aid, putting their lives and their futures at risk.

This is what is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) due to the fight between military and M23 rebels.
In Congo's North Kivu province, in July 2013, when hostilities between the two groups reignited, 40,000 - 50,000 people have crossed the border to take refuge in Uganda.

Close to the village of Bundibugyo, located around 7 kilometers within the Uganda borders, has been set up by the High Commission for Refugees the Bubukwanga refugee camp. This space that was designed for only 12,500 people, is hosting more than 25,000. Usually Bubukwanga is only a transit camp where refugees stay for just a few days before being transferred to a permanent camp, as Kyangwali, 150 kilometers away. But as the security situation deteriorates in DRC, the number of new arrivals at the transit camp is increasing, up to 300-500 people a day. In this situation of emergency, that transfer operations as well as health care and the supply of food and basic tools, have been insufficient. There is a high concern for the awful hygiene, sanitation facilities and for drinking water supply.