Another Mother
Project info

Another mother is a silent scream and a not-so-silent one. It is for all the times a mother wants to ask for help but doesn't and for all the times someone offers their help without asking. It is for the breastfeeding mothers and for the ones who formula-feed their babies; for those who never raise their voices and those who do.

Motherhood is painted as THE experience, the one goal women are biologically built to accomplish and thus need to master. Women are expected to be perfect, to do everything right. Failiure isn't socially accepted, and neither are negative emotions. But almost every mother feels sad at times, or overwhelmed, or exausted. Denying them the chance to express their pain only makes it grow bigger and bigger.

Another mother is meant for all those mothers that suffer, that can't adjust so smoothly to their newfound role. It is a manifesto of how different being a mother can be for different women.

There is no right way to be a mother, each experience is different. This is the reason why Another mother narrates 24 different stories shared from 24 brave women. Each experience is shown in one of the diptychs that compose the project.

*Testo Valentina Buffetti