Family Moments
Project info

These are photographs of my children when they were still young and unselfconscious; my children living their lives and just being themselves before they turned into teenagers and started realizing that life can be sometimes complicated; my children still living in a world of their own, a world where time didn't matter and where the simplest thing could be a source of joy. They were happy and unselfconscious, with minds open to the wonders of the world.

Those images are a sweet reminder of the magical world of childhood expressed in the simple moments of their daily life, the moments that happen in every family and that often pass by quickly and unnoticed, the sad moments, the happy moments and the normal nothing-is-happening moments, because the magic is always there.

I photographed them living their lives, playing, dressing up, blowing bubbles, running around naked, painting their bodies, being hurt, laughing, crying and just being children. I photographed them to freeze these magic instants and make them timeless through a collection of images that provide a truthful and intimate visual documentary of their childhood before they started growing up. They were the unselfconscious models fully focused on their own selves and their own world. No multi-tasking, no rushing and no time constraint. This is for the world of adults.