The Vanishing Photographers
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Cox's Bazaar is the longest beach in the world. An adorable tourist destination in Bangladesh. Since the analogue period of camera, a good number of photographers used to work taking photograph of tourists who visit the beach. It was their profession and not many tourists had their own camera. Taking picture was considered a kind of special skill and the lab processing was also a part of professional service. Today the advent of digital technology, every modern man has at least a camera phone. The way of taking picture, seeing picture and printing a picture have all been changed and become more comfortable even for a novice. Due to lack of employment opportunities, there are still about five hundred photographers regularly convince tourists to take their photographic service on the sea beach. Nobody is far more interested hiring photographers taking their moments. The earning of these beach photographers are gradually reducing. Most of them have no formal education, or alternative skill to shift in a different profession. Every morning they run from one corner of the beach to the other in search of customers who may want to be photographed.