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About Raina Vlaskovska

“13+1”, ambrotype portrait 4X5, Gallery Rubber - Sofia, Bulgaria
“Lensless Mind”, pinhole photographs, Gallery of Spish Artists, Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia
“Lensless Mind”, pinhole photographs, University of Prešov, Slovakia
“Lensless Mind”, pinhole photographs, Scientific Library in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
“Lensless Mind”, pinhole photographs, Month of Photography in Bratislava, Slovakia
“Lensless Mind”, pinhole photographs, International Meeting of Photography Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2010
Pinhole Photography, Water Tower in Sofia, Bulgaria
“Women's Pinhole Photography”, Gallery Gawra in Raciborz, Poland
V Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography - OFFO 2013
“20 photographers-20 years National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia”, International Meeting of Photography Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Exhibition of photographic albums, International Meeting of Photography Plovdiv, Bulgaria
“Me, Monarch” - Exhibition of Self portraits taken through a Pinhole camera, Goa, India February
Collaboration Exhibition Of Photograms, “Cognitive Dissonance”, Industrialna 11 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria “Photographic Images”, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria “Canon Bulgaria - Picture of the year 2011”, National Art Gallery Sofia, Bulgaria 2010
Pinhole Exhibition, “Lux in Tenebris”, photo-house Ralica Sofia, Bulgaria
Goa International Pinhole Photography Contest - Honorable Mention Winners 2009
III Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography - OFFO 2009
Lens Culture International Exposure Awards 2009 - Honorable Mention Winners
“Black & White Photography” in The Center for Fine Art, Fort Collins, CO - First place 2007
“Ratts of the capital”, “Things No3”, Gallery Debut Sofia, Bulgaria
Pinhole Show, Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco, CA
Group Exhibition “We Are All Photographers Now!”, Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland

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