About Roxanne Worthington

I got hooked on photography—fine art photography— the first night I spent in the darkroom, printing a roll of black and white film. It was like falling down a rabbit hole. There I was in Wonderland. I fell in love with photography that night and never looked back.

Photography is a medium that allows an artist unlimited ways to express herself. I treasure the fact that I can make all kinds of images, many taken right from my imagination. The list includes blurry out-of-focus “street” images, staged doll scenarios, mysterious night shots, quiet observations of everyday life, digital composites and most recently, dreamy encaustic images. My work has evolved from the darkroom, to the computer and recently back to hands on play with alternative processes. Photography, for me, almost always involves an exploration, a journey on which I continue to explore my imagination and my place in the world.

With the opening of Last Avenue Studio I have put attention to helping others express their creativity through photography. I do this in my own studio and at other locations in the Bay Area.

My work has been exhibited in galleries and venues in the Bay Area, as well as nationally and internationally.To find out more about some of the bodies of work shown on this website and what inspired them please read the artist statement that describes that work.

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