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    Paris, France
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    Université Paris 8
About Sandra Calligaro

Sandra Calligaro (b. 1981) is a French free-lance photographer. She is represented by Picturetank photo agency.
After studying arts and photography in Paris, she decided to become a reporter. She went to Afghanistan for the first time in 2007 and did several trips before settling there. For the last 7 years, she has been working for French and European media outlets and alongside international NGOs and organizations as well.

She is mainly interested in social issues: she worked on a community of heroin users in Kabul and on Afghan emigration, which she approached from 2 points of views: those who leave, and those who are left behind.

Since 2011, she particularly concentrated her work on Kabul city and shows the Afghan capital, through her own eyes, more than 10 years into the war. She decided to look for once at the city in a different way, as she feels that the media representation has been unfettered, shameless and almost pornographic. Her idea was to look for people inside the town, and to capture them with respect and decency, which often meant allowing the subject some distance.

In her last work, “Afghan Dream, the NATO generation”, she portrays the emergence of a new urban class in Kabul, which could disappear with the NATO withdraw. She got a grant from the French National Center for Arts (CNAP) for this project, which has been shown in France in several festivals.

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