About Schilte & Portielje

Huub Schilte and Jacqueline Portielje work and live together in Rotterdam. Both opted for an art study. Schilte initially became an architectural designer, Portielje graduated as a painter. Soon after they each got their own studio in the same building (± 1985), Schilte chose the path of the autonomous art by making monumental murals while Portielje was already combining photography with painting.

From the very beginning they inspired each other and they were closely involved in each other's work.

From 1993 onwards, they both intensively explored the rich possibilities of the computer as an artistic medium, using it both as a photography dark room and as a drawing / painting tool.

Their ideas about art were so complementary, that creating works of art together became the rule rather than the exception. Since 1997, they have presented their work under the composite name Schilte & Portielje.

They prefer to work without a preconceived plan or subject. They both select fragments of images from a digitalized library they have built up over the years. They then start to investigate whether the selected image-fragments can be composed into a concept for a new work. During this time-consuming process of transforming, drawing, painting, adding and removing, new options are constantly generated. They frequently exchange the works so that one continues where the other has left off.

It is an intuitive way of working in which they are equal, depending heavily on each other' s critical vision. When eventually an image-concept is truly convincing, they jointly develop it further, both technically and artistically.

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