About Sebastian Castañeda

Sebastian Castañeda
I was born in Lima in 1970.
I titled attorney in 1999, since 2000 I am dedicated to photography. Be part of the staff of photojournalists El Comercio (2005-2014) , and I have made coverage throughout Latin America, as well as Canada , USA , Syria , Lebanon and Turkey. My photos have been published in magazines Etiqueta Negra , Witness Journal, El Pais and I have collaborated with agencies AFP , AP and EFE. With Voodoo Trance series was selected for PhotoEspaña (Managua , 2010) viewing . I have taken courses in photojournalism with photographers Walter Astrada and Moises Saman

My main coverages are, conflict in Syria 2013 , violence in Lebanon ( Sidon ) 2013 , protests in Turkey 2013 , 2012 elections in Venezuela , Hugo Chavez funeral of 2013, 2012 and 2013 Dakar Rally, South Africa 2010 World Cup Qualifying , Copa Libertadores 2005, Copa America 2004, Peru Presidential Elections 2005 and 2010, Peru Earthquake 2007, Chile Earthquake 2010, Haiti 2010, 2012, Occupy Wall Street, Terrorism in Peru 2012, Social and political situation in Cuba 2012, Lima 2013 UNIDO Conference and overall coverage in Peru related to social conflicts , environment , politics, sports and everyday life.

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