About Thomas L Robinson

Born in 1968, I started photographing when I was 12 years, which became my savior throughout my life. It was a resource that I looked to when I was feeling inspired or depressed. It has taken me on many journey's, one's that I am not sure I would have boldly taken otherwise. I would like to say that I was in control of photographing, but I feel it is quite the opposite, photography controlled me , which led me on one fantastic journey after another, whether it was photographing the last patients living their lives at Carville Center of Hansen's Disease (Leprosy), through the alley ways of Hong Kong and Shanghai, to photographing the families in Cuba, to photographing births of beautiful babies just entering the world and photographing people leaving this world. I have become just more than a witness in the peoples' lives, I have been blessed to become apart of their families, their dreams, and sometimes their hopes, as they have become apart of mine.

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