About Turjoy Chowdhury

I am Turjoy Chowdhury, a student of Architecture and a practicing freelance documentary photographer and photojournalist. I mainly like to do photo-stories. I believe Documentary Photography has the power to express a lot of things rather than words and I want to practice photojournalism/Documentary photography not only as a profession, but as a social service as well. Though it’s not possible to change a whole society through photography alone, at least I want to make some contribution to it with my photography.
I am seriously in the field of photography since 2011. My works got published in The Guardian, BBC, WNN, Zone Zero, Aksgar magazine, Foto Evidience, Fotovisura, ND Magazine, Private Magazine, Dodho Magazine, CFYE, Fotoritim, F-stop magazine, JPGmag, Redbird Edition, 1x etc. I have become featured photographer by Aksgar at Delhi Photo Festival, 2013. I won awards in Carnegie Council’s International Student Photo Contest, Photophilontophy activist awards (grand prize).

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