About Vincent Delbrouck

Born in Brussels (1975), V.D. (aka Vincent Delbrouck) is an emerging photographer who has been working in hybrid practices, across and between media and materials. In in first book Beyond History (Havana 1998-2006), he assembled, recycled, and recomposed the fragments of his experience in Havana, creating a very complex family album with different layers and comments.

V.D.’s integration of personal, contextual and fictional perspectives, combined with the nature of his physical and intimate exploration, was producing a vivid and lasting impression of the imaginative confusion that is inherent in any thought, recollection or projection. Confusion was created by the distorted and mysterious essence of memory that his journeys inside his archives/documents seeked to unravel, like fragments out of control. “These diaries document Delbrouck’s journeys and life in which his persona as an artist is hardly distinguishable from his ‘private’ self.”(Katalin Timar, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest)

In the Beyond History book and other previous (collective) projects V.D. used various documents (pictures, pages from “fake” diaries, letters, short stories, poems,...) in a way that creates a fictionalized autobiography the reader could relate to her/his own life and memory. The result could be seen as a travel autofiction* combining photography and literature, and two paradoxically contradictory styles : autobiography and fiction. V.D. named this process : “poetic documentary”.

In 2009 and 2010, V.D. made a new "family experience" in Nepal and discovered meditation and Buddhism which completely transformed the way he deals with life and art/documentary practice. He is now working on a new book of texts and contemplative photographs from Nepal and India, focusing on the silence and the colors of a very intimate self-conscious moment and the intense discovery of a new light in Nepal. He is also learning Shiatsu (and other Oriental and holistic healing processes), and he is practicing meditation. For V.D. mindfulness and photography seem to join in the present moment and the emptiness or the potential of the impermanence of his life, in a tropical imagery where he has always felt at home, creating a profound joy he wants to share with people and nature.

V.D. has received the Memorial Giacomelli Prize 2002 (Italy), the Jean Salgaro Prize at the 14th National Open Photography Prize (Photography Museum in Charleroi, Belgium) and the Vocational Bursary (Belgium) in 2003. He was one of the Discoveries of the Meeting Place in Fotofest Houston 2006.

Beyond History (Havana 1998 – 2006) was published at the end of 2008 by Bold Publishing (Amsterdam) and was nominated as a finalist for the Best Book of the year in RIP Arles 2009 ! The project was exhibited in Mexico (Centro de la Imagen), Paris, Lyon (Septembre de la Photographie). Houston (Fotofest 2008), Krakow (ZPAF i S-ka gallery), Cuenca (PhotoEspaña), Groningen (Noorderlicht Festival) and in the Photography Museum in Charleroi, Belgium.

V.D. has contributed to various magazines such as Purple Journal, Pavilion, CODE, Amica, Trace, Pig, nofound, Pozytyw and View, and he loves to work with the fashion designer Valeria Siniouchkina (Girls from Omsk).

He was a member of the Belgian collective BlowUp.

V.D. is living now in the countryside in Belgium.

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