About Vee Speers

Vee Speers is an Australian photographer living and working in Paris. Continually exploring new forms and concepts in her fine art photography, she was one of four photographers featured at the grand opening of Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010 (along with Annie Liebovitz, Joel-Peter Witkin and Lennart Nilsson). Two of her photography books have been re-printed due to popularity. Her series, The Birthday Party, is currently enjoying a two-year traveling exhibition in Europe. Speers’ subject matter ranges from the sinister innocence of youth, to the seeming immortality of millenials, the art of seduction, and portraits of real-life eccentric Parisians. As a fun personal side project, she is using her iPhone to photograph people wearing vintage handmade masks. Current work includes a follow-up of her Birthday Party portrait series, re-photographing her subjects as adolescents and young adults.


2012 – 2014 FNAC Spain (Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Sevilla, Zaragoza, Valencia). The Birthday Party, touring exhibition
September 2012 The Little Black Gallery, UK. The Birthday Party
August 2012 Getxophoto Festival, Spain The Birthday Party
March 2012 Gallery Fahey Klein, LA. Retrospective
May 2011 Galerie Huit, Arles. Bordello and Parisians
May 2011 Acte2 Galerie, Paris. Immortal
May 2011 Nordic Lights, Norway Photographic Festival.
May 2011 FEPN Festival, Arles. Bordello
April 2011 Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta. Immortal
October 2010 Atelier Jungwirth, Graz. The Birthday Party
May 2010 Fotografiska Museum, The Birthday Party
October 2009 Fotofest, Houston. International Discoveries
February 2009 Acte2 Gallery, Paris. The Birthday Party
February 2009 Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta, USA. The Birthday Party
September 2008 Singapore International Photography Festival
May 2008-2009 21C Museum, Kentucky Louisville.
February 2008 Gallery Anita Beckers, Frankfurt. The Birthday Party
February 2008 The Photographers’ Gallery, London. The Birthday Party
November 2007 LIPF Photographic Festival, Lianzhou, China. Awarded second prize
November 2007 Byron McMahon Gallery, Sydney. The Birthday Party
July 2007 Sirius Arts Centre, Cork County, Ireland. The Birthday Party
May 2006 Sandra Byron Gallery, Sydney. Bordello and Parisians
June 2006 La Galerie du Passage, Paris. Parisians and Bordello
July, 2004 Photography Festival in Tunisia – ‘Rencontres de Ghar El Melh’ – exhibition of Parisians. Animation of workshops for children in collaboration with Agfa.
September 2002 Past Rays Gallery, Yokohama, Japan. Bordello
March 2002 Ken Damy Gallery, Brescia, Italy. Bordello


July 2009 Au Feminin100 Women Photographing Women. Centre Culturel Calouste Gulbenkian
July 2007 Otherlands. Rhubarb Rhubarb Festival, Birmingham, UK
July 2007 ‘Madame La Presidente’. Rencontres d’Arles
March 2007 Objectif Feminin. Australian Embassy in Paris. The Birthday Party
May 2006 The Portrait. The Photographers’ Gallery, London
January – March 2006 The Body Familiar: Current Perspectives of the Nude. Griffin Museum of Photography, Boston
December 2005 The Photographers’ Gallery, London.
September 2005 Women Photographing Women. Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London
July 2004 The Photographers’ Gallery. Summer Show, London


AIPAD 2012 Jackson Fine Art
ART BOLOGNE 2008 Galerie Anita Beckers
ART MIAMI 2011 Jackson Fine Art
PARIS PHOTO 2011 The Photographers’ Gallery
AIPAD 2011 Jackson Fine Art
ART PARIS, 2010 Gallery Acte2
Art MIAMI, 2009 Gallery Anita Beckers
SHOW OFF, Paris 2009 Acte2 Gallery
PARIS PHOTO, 2009 The Photographers’ Gallery
ART MIAMI, 2009 Gallery Anita Beckers
ART PARIS, 2009 Acte2 Gallery
ART CHICAGO, 2009 Gallery Anita Beckers
ART MIAMI, 2008 Gallery Anita Beckers
PARIS PHOTO, 2008 Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta
ART FORUM, Berlin, 2008 Gallery Anita Beckers
SCOPE HAMPTONS, 2008 Mendes Wood
SCOPE BASEL, 2008 Mendes Wood
PULSE NYC, 2008 Gallery Anita Beckers
SCOPE NYC, 2008 Leo Bahia Contemporary Art
MACO, Mexico 2008 Leo Bahia Contemporary Art
AIPAD, 2008 Jackson Fine Art
ART CHICAGO Gallery Anita Beckers, Frankfurt
PULSE LONDON, 2007 Leo Bahia Contemporary Art, Brazil
PARIS PHOTO, 2007 The Photographers’ Gallery, London
SCOPE MIAMI, 2007 Leo Bahia Contemporary Art, Brazil
SCOPE HAMPTONS, 2007 Leo Bahia Contemporary Art, Brazil
AIPAD, 2007 Sandra Byron, Sydney
AIPAD, 2006 Sandra Byron, Sydney


THE BIRTHDAY PARTY Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK, October 2008, forward by Susan Bright
BORDELLO EARBooks, Germany, forward by Karl Lagerfeld, June 2006
BORDELLO Periplus, London, 2004


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Sir Elton John Collection UK
Morten Viskum Collection Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway
Hoffman Collection USA
Joaquim Paiva Collection/ Museum of Modern Art Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Alan Seigel New York, USA
Michael Wilson Collection UK
DZ Bank Germany
George Eastman House New York, USA
Museum of Fine Arts Houston, USA
Museum 21C Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Lawrence Wheeler Collection Director of the North Carolina Museum of Art, USA
Ed Bazinet Private Collection Atlanta, USA
Clerici Collection Italy

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