About Vicki Topaz

Vicki Topaz is a San Francisco-based photographer interested in cultural history and social change. Her series, HEAL! Veterans & Their Service Dogs features photographs, interviews, video, and other media about veterans suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) whose recovery is assisted by service dogs. HEAL! spotlights veterans’ stories in order to raise community awareness, help other veterans learn about the healing role of service dogs, and to call government to act on supporting service dogs for veterans with invisible wounds. ?

For several years Topaz worked on SILVER: A State of Mind, a series about women and aging in which she interviewed and photographed fifty-two women. The series was exhibited for a year at The Buck Institute for Research on Aging and will move to other venues in 2014. The work gives the topic of aging a human face and brought vibrancy to the atrium of The Buck Institute’s building where scientists and doctors are dedicated to studying the chronic health challenges we face with age. SILVER has sparked a lively dialog around these challenges as people enter the third phase of their life.

In 2009, Topaz' first monograph "Silent Nests" was published by Kehrer Verlag. This work is the first photographic investigation into a little-known niche of France's rich cultural legacy, the medieval colombiers (dovecots) of Normandy and Brittany. Topaz' work is widely exhibited and collected by the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, The Getty Research Institute, Fidelity Investments, Musée de Normandie, and the Joy of Giving Foundation, among others.

Topaz is a co-founder and former board member of PhotoAlliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting contemporary photography in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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