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About Will Hilton

The ability to generate emotions in others can be an overwhelmingly powerful and persuasive tool. It can bring a single moment of reason to an often irrational world, with everlasting effect. If used correctly it can be the tool that will help carve a new tomorrow, in an age where tomorrow has never been in greater need of a Carpenter.

Will Hilton is a 26 year old Visual Journalist based in the UK. With a background in the Royal Marines and 9 years experience in Business he is looking to bring some fresh perspective to the world of Photojournalism and digital media. Currently splitting his time between studying for a degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the University of Gloucestershire, working as a documentary photographer, as well as freelancing as a contract business consultant, Will views as more of a visual storyteller & thinker, than an out an out Photographer.

There are many important stories to be told and the would of digital communication is reaching new highs, Will plans on using all the tools available to him to become their visual messenger, promising to tell each story accurately, sensitively and with the mst important attribute available to every human being, an open mind. This website has been designed to Showcase the documentary stories covered by will, with the content of the story having as much emphasis as the artistic attributes in which they are delivered. If you would like to view some of his general photography work please visit his blog, or follow him ont the Facebook and Twitter links.

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