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  • Location:
    Evanston, Illinois, United States
  • Schools Attended:
    University of Illinois, BA
    University of Georgia, M.Ed
  • Photo Associations & Memberships:
    Texas Photographic Society
    Griffin Museum of Photography
    Art Photo Index, PhotoEye, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Center for Fine Art Photography, Ft. Collins, Colorado
About Yvette Meltzer

Began taking photographs of my family when I was ten. Next I included friends as subjects and gradually I turned the camera onto people I did not personally know. My photography reflects my interest in people, the narratives of their lives, and the environments that shape them. Other than two basic black and white photography courses I took 35 years ago, I am self-taught in photography. After working with black and white film in the darkroom for twenty years I now include color photography in my repertoire and work primarily with a digital camera, having taken almost daily photographs for the last six years. I worked briefly as a freelance photographer in 1979 – 1980 and then photography took a back seat as I embraced motherhood and advanced in my career as an educator, a conflict resolution specialist and court mediator. Now working freelance as a mediator and educational consultant, I have more time available for photography and the opportunity to turn my passion for photography from a long-time hobby into a profession.

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