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About Anna Fabricius

Fabricius Anna (1980)

Phone: 0036702112409


2008-2011 Moholy-Nagy University of Arts, DLA scholarship
2003 Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, scholarship
2002 loan Andrescu Art University, luj-Napoca, Romania, scholarship
2000-2005 Hungarian University of Arts and Design, photo department, Budapest

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2013 STILL - Photography in the museum, MODEM, Debrecen
2013 Contemporay Hungarian Photography after the years 2000-Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
2013 In kitchen, In bed.. - Mai Mano House of Hungarian Photographers
2013 Scope Art Fair, NY - Presented by Faur Gallery Budapest
2012 ,,What is Hungarian?" - Kunsthalle, Budapest
2012 XY Generation - Ludwig Museum, Budapest
2012 Art Paris 2012
2011 OUT OF LEFT FIELD - Museum of Modern and Cont. Art, Rijeka, Croatia
2011 GETEILTE ZUVERSICHT - Publicart Project, Reinsberg, Austria
2011 FIKA, Pecs, Hungary
2010 ParisPhoto, State Section by Raday Gallery, Paris
2010 Festival Europe, ,,Modernizacion", Barcelona
2010 Photoespana, ,, Modernizacion'' Openphoto, Cuenca
2010 ,, Live Sync'', Museum of Comntemporary Art, Art Expo, Shanghai, China
2010 Relations, Deak Collection, Szekesfehervar, Hungary
2009 EUROPE: In between document and fiction, Budapest, Romania
2008 BACKLIGHT'08, Galerie FLUSS, Wolkersdorf, Austria
2008 Stalking Utopia, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaujvaros, Hungary
2008 Men at Work, Dom Fotografie, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia
2008 Zeitgenossische Fotokunst aus Ungarn, Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen
2008 Zeitgenossische Fotokunst aus Ungarn, Hallescher Kunstverein
2008 Zeitgenossische Fotokunst aus Ungarn, Neuer Berlner Kunstverein, Berlin
2007 Imginary Paradise, IMPEX, Budapest
2007 Exibition with Elek Judit, Kudasz GaborArion, Vintage Gallery, Budapest
2007 Lodz Photosensitive Space, Lodz Art Center, Poland
2007 Pecsi Jozsef Photography Award, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest
2007 Contemporary Fineartist from Hungary, Art Center, Moscow
2006 Photomatrix, Collegium Hungaricum, Austria
2006 Pseudo Documents, Vizivarosi Gallery, Budapest
2006 I Image, Bratislava, Slovakia
2006 Private matter?, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2005 Fieldworks, Irokez Gallery, Szombathely
2005 I-Image, Dorottya Gallery, Budapest
2004 Dokumentum6, Photomonth 2004, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest


2013 UNpredictable Events of the Future - Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2012 Unpredictable Events of the Future - Faurzsofi Gallery, Budapest
2011 Menotrentuno III. - Ghilarza, Sadinia, Italy
2011 Hungarian Standard, Falkenstein Smitt'n, Austria
2010 Cavalrymen and Equestrienes, Photomonth2010, Bratislava
2009 ,,A'' Group, Radat Gallery, Budapest
2007 Hungarian Standard, Lodz Photofestival, Poland
2007 Get a new for Homo Sapiens!, Hungaraian Institute of Prague, Czech Republic, (with Tibor Gyenis)
2006 Saints and Tigers, Galeria Ostrava, Czech Republic
2006 Tigress of Housekeeping, Korut Festival, Budapest
2005 Cavalrymen and Equestrieness, Lumen Gallery, Budapest


2013 Member of the Association og Hungarian Photographers
2012 MQ21 A.I.R. programme, Vienna, Austria
2011 GuestRoomMaribor, Slovenia
2008-2009 Art-Universitas Programme with Gyenis Tibor
2008-2001 MOME DLA scholarship
2008 BACKLIGHT'08 International Photodialogue - speaker, Museum Quartier, Wien
2008 Men at Work, International Photography conference - speaker, Liptovsky Mikulas
2007 Lodz Photosensitive Space, residence programme, invited artist
2007 Budapest Gallery Scolarship - Helsinki: Gallery Gjutars
2007 Thessaloniki International Photobiennale Awards, finalist
2005-07 Pecsi Jozsef Photography scholarshp
2006 Budapest Gallery Scholarship, Gallery Gjutars, Helsinki, Finaland
2006 Sittcom Award, finalist
2004 Member of the organizers of the Young Photographers Studio


- IDEAT 2012 - 3 Art Paris
- Good Life March 2012 Art Paris 262. page
- IL FOTOGRAFI Aprile 2012 14-17. page
- Fotografisk Tidskrift 6-2010 Sweden 24-25. page
- BeauxArt magazine, decembre 2010 France 54. page
- PHOTO no. 474 France ,, Paris Photo: Nos 10 coups de coeur"
- PARISBERLIN Septembre2010 no. 56, France 69. page
- Mozgo Vilag 7 2009/July Ban Zsofia: ,, Csoportkep csoportal" 119. page
- Uj Muveszet 2009 July XX. year 7th issue Bordacs Andrea: ,,A mi es az en" 32-33. page
- Muerto 2009 July-August XII. year 6. page
- Muerto 2009 July-August XII. year
Lenard Anna: ,, A kep es a kritikus tomeg" 12. page
- Europe: in between document and ficion, Erte foundation, Vienne, 52-53. page
- Uj Muveszet 2008 November XIX. year 11th issue
Jokesz Antal: ,,Van*e elet a foto utan? " 33th page
- Uj Muveszet 2007 June XVIII. year 6th issue
Bordacs Andrea: "Ami a csaladi fenykepalbumbol kimaradt" 10th page
- Uj Muveszet 2007 May XVIII. year 5th issue
Somogyi Zsofia: "Talalld meg a kulonbseget a negy kep kozott" 22th page
- Uj Muveszet 2006 October XVII. year 10th issue
Ban Andras: "Koveket vinni a szigetre" 40th page
- PRAESENS 2005/3
Horanyi Attila: "Kipipalt feladat, kihagyott lehetoseg" 42-43rd page
- FOTOGRAFIA 2006 winter, Polish Contemporary Photography magazine
- IMAGO 2007 autumn, Middle-European Photogaphy magazine
- IMAGO 2006, spring Middle-European Photogaphy magazine
- VISION 2007 February, 1s chinese Art magazine, 222-225th page


- Jozef T. Baio private collection, New York
- Horvath Artificial Association, Hungary

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