The points of departure for my work are, among others, those contemporary American popular movies in which the woman is not only visualized with the feminine aspects of fragility and devotion but also, in accordance with the spirit of the age and drawing upon video and computer games, represents a bellicose, strong and dynamic masculinity.

Another direct influence in the creation of this project was the declaration by Dorina Galambos, on the cover of Story, The Star Magazine: “I shall protect our newborn child like a mother tiger!” (Galambos is a minor Hungarian celebrity and the fiancée of Barna Pély, another minor celeb).

At first glance, the models in my photos seem to represent a more down-to-earth aspect, as opposed to supernatural heroes. The woman appears as mother, housewife, governess and comforting pillar of protection all in one person. In my work, I visualize the relationship of monotonous housework in a heroic setting (similar to those in film posters) that is alien to the situation.

—Anna Fabricius