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Anaïs López Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Sint Joost Academy
    Royal Art Academy, The Hague

How does life go on in the aftermath of decades of genocide? This remarkably intimate and personal photobook by Anaïs López and writer Eva Smallegange presents an unexpectedly positive view of a new social order in the this small African nation. In many ways, this book defines a new approach to post-conflict reporting. Personal, engaging, real, and forever memorable. Highly recommended.

About Anaïs López

My name is Anaïs López and I am a visual artist in Amsterdam based in the Netherlands. I am a documentary photographer who works with still and moving images. The choice for still and/or moving images is decided exclusively by the story that I want to tell.

I graduated from the Royal Art Academy in The Hague in 2006 and I did a two year Masters (2008-2010) at Sint Joost Academy in Breda about narrative structures and documentary strategies. Besides working for magazines as an independent photographer, I make photo documentaries about things that matter to me.

In my work I investigate how people live in the city. What fascinates me is how these people try to find (or make) a place in an urban society. The main question I ask myself in my work is whether people make the city or the city makes the people.

I use my camera as a tool to capture that interaction between people and the city. I alternate between zooming in on one individual and capturing the city that this individual lives in. You could say that I switch from macro to micro level. In this manner I try to capture the image of the city with a personal story and build a bridge between the private and the public sphere.

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