Through the opening day (November 10) of this year’s Paris Photo, our editorial team will be highlighting different artists from the fair whose work caught our eye. You can discover previous features here or down below. Hope to see you there!

This past June I was invited to Québec for a two-week artist’s residency as part of the Franco-Québec Gaspé–Picardy for Photography partnership. Residencies are always an interesting challenge for me because there is no plan—just total immersion in my craft for a limited period of time. I had a new landscape to discover, a new motel room, and a rental car…but besides that, it was just me and my photography.

I knew where to start, but I wasn’t sure where the project would go, and that’s fine—that’s the way I like to work. On my first day, I photographed an abandoned house in the mist. Its rickety roof gave the impression that the house was blowing away with the wind. In Québec, the atmosphere is heavy, and the sky is low. I stopped at roadside cafés to try and understand the landscape I was driving through. In Sainte-Florence, a tiny, peaceful village in the Matapédia Valley, a retired couple was murdered by their grandson a few years ago. Village schools are haunted by threats of closure; they continually fight against relentless desertification.

In Québec, I felt the need to tell myself stories. I could have chosen to drive the beautiful coast road around Gaspésie, but instead I hid from the perfect road trip. No sun, tireless rain. The forecast is not optimistic.

—Ambroise Tézenas
Gaspésie, Québec, Canada. June 2016

Tézenas’ work will be shown at Paris Photo this November. Look for his work at the Melanie Rio booth. The fair will run from November 10-13 and will be held at the Grand Palais.

Other highlights from the fair include: Stratos Kalafatis’ “Archipelagos” and Julie Blackmon’s “Homegrown.”

“La Vallée” is also on view at the 13th edition of Les Photaumnales in Beauvais, France, until January 1, 2017.