An enchanting photoessay documenting life in the landscape of Ny-Ålesund, Norway — the most northernly permanent (civilian) settlement in the world. The series was named a finalist in the LensCulture Exposure Awards 2015. Discover more inspiring work from all 31 of the winners and finalists.

Ny-Ålesund is situated on the 79th parallel north, on the Svalbard archipelago. This makes it the most northernly permanent civilian settlement in the world. It houses the largest laboratory for modern Arctic research in existence.

It has very restricted access both because of the scientific projects that are conducted there and the measuring instruments that are situated around the area. To come to the settlement you have to be either a scientist working on a project with one of the stations or maintaining the infrastructure of the place. Exceptions are rare.

There are many rules and regulations here and everything is designed to restrict human activity, protect wildlife and preserve the environment.

—Anna Filipova

Exhibition of all the LensCulture Exposure Awards Winners and Finalists: Photo London 2016, Somerset House, May 19-22

Anna Filpova’s work was shown as part of the LensCulture exhibition at Photo London 2016, London’s premier photography fair.