This series stitches together work from personal travels and projects as well as assignments that focus on children and childhood. 

These are children diagnosed with social and behavioral disorders in Idaho, victims of Hurricane Katrina displaced to east Texas, children surviving inside Managua city's trash dump in Nicaragua. 

Meanwhile, others, by some lucky stroke of fate, have a seemingly care-free suburban middle-class life in Utah, still others attend an inter-racial religious summer camp in the woods outside Atlanta while kids from less fortunate circumstances live in a homeless shelter with their mothers in small-town California. Some are on vacation, exploring New York City's streets and frolic around Coney Island's amusement park, and others are kids with kids. 

At times contemplative, humorous, and somber, these are moments drawn from various children's lives who have no obvious connection. By bringing them together, they form a broad, cohesive, and unique interpretation of a subject we think we know — childhood.

—Brian Shumway

Editor's Note: This series was a finalist in the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2014. Discover all of the winners and finalists — an impressive array of portraits from many points of view.

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