"If single women in the townships cannot find work and there's no more money, then sex becomes a second currency. They use it to pay for necessities like food, clothing and school for the children."

This is reported by Father Hermann Klein-Hitpass, a Catholic priest from Windhoek. The 74-year-old looks after women and young girls who sell themselves in order to survive in the capital of Namibia.

Most of the girls and women live in Katutura, a township of Windhoek, where Hermann started a daycare shelter with financial support of the church and private donors.

Since 2005 he has admitted more than 4,700 women with 10,000 children into his program.

Because of his age and several health issues, Father Hermann can barely continue his work. The street-walkers are quite concerned and say that they are losing their father – the father most of them never had.

I started this documentation in 2008 and returned to Namibia in November 2013 to conduct a follow up.

— Christian Bobst