These photographs capture color, light and an emotional vibration of American life from the 1970s to the present. Each image compresses a lot of visual information into a flattened plane.

The more time you spend with each picture, you may be surprised at the tiny details that break through the clutter to make each photograph especially delightful: The huge swatches of cyan, magenta and yellow in a laundromat. The shadowed silhouette of a lone palm tree cast on green plastic netting covering a cyclone fence. A birdhouse on rooftop stilts between criss-crossing electric wires, perched above propane gas tanks in a suburban industrial park. A pile of watermelons at an outdoor market, one with a brown bruise, all echoing the colors and patterns of a lady's dotted dress. And there are American flags fluttering in many of these images, parts of the landscape, even when the landscape is a garish Hawaiian shirt.

— Jim Casper

Editor's note: Dennis Church was one of 128 photographers from 40 countries who participated in LensCulture FotoFest Paris 2013. We're so happy to have met him and discovered his work.