Waiting for a bus.

Resting for a while, thinking of nothing, or just about what really matters.

Days go by. Sitting down and wondering about everyday life. Dodging the routine, the absurd.

In short, a break time.

The real world? Often there is fear, chaos. Or boredom.

Everywhere there are screens, like shields of glass: screens of televisions, computers, phones…

Everywhere screens—not to mention the camera screen—as if to glaze over the real.

Putting it in a box to protect ourselves from it, to disguise it or to be entertained.

And sometimes, to try to enchant the real.

—Etienne Buyse

Editors’ note: At the end of April 2018, images of the series will be hung in the three bus stops where Buyse took the pictures. This project was chosen by Molly Roberts, Senior Photography Editor at National Geographic Magazine, as her Juror’s Pick for the LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2017.

Here is what Molly had to say about Buyse’s work:

“Etienne Buyse’s project offered one of those very different approaches. Shooting through the bus stop shelter plastic brought a dreamy quality to the images created. The palette was very painterly and diffuse and bore a closer relation to impressionism than the gritty street work of some of the iconic images made by the masters of street photography. Still I thought the quality of alienation and isolation that is often an aspect of street work was present. The subjects were captured in a separate reality, both shielded and exposed.”

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