The theme of the 2015 Hamburg Triennale of Photography was “The Day Will Come.” Across the city, exhibition halls, galleries and old warehouses were re-purposed to examine the question of the future—in photography, and in general.

Here, we share one of our favorite discoveries from the festival: an outdoor installation by the Italian street photographer Giacomo Brunelli. The theme of his project was ”The Flâneur,” and he was given free reign for five weeks to wander the streets of Hamburg and produce his work. Brunelli was chosen on the strength of his prior project, ”Eternal London.”

Below, we have included a bit of text describing the ambitious, multi-year project. Although Brunelli’s photos are no longer present in Hamburg, keep your eyes peeled for the project’s next appearance somewhere in Europe.

Flâneur is an European art project that encourages photographers to work the urban territory with a new approach, enabling a fresh look at the dynamics of European cities and their geographic and social landscapes. The project will explore the idea of the “flâneur” in the contemporary daily reality. More than clichés, the project seeks to show what is not obvious in each city. To reveal what’s underneath the surface. To search for a different way of understanding the urban space and its singularities.

The project will be shown in nine cities, underscoring how cultural diversity is a key element of European cities. Flâneur will also promote multiculturalism and collaboration, making public engagement a priority. The exhibition should be a place where people relate with each other; a space of identification; of urban animation and community expression.