When will photography become slow again? Are we just going to keep on “sharing” more and more and more? Is hope around the corner or will 2015 simply bring another raft of bad news and depressing tragedies? The 6th edition of the Hamburg Triennale of Photography will welcome over 80 artists to present work all based around the theme “The day will come”—a collective, city-wide look at the future: of photography, of aesthetics, of the general shape of things to come. Taking place in eight of Hamburg’s leading museums and cultural institutions, exhibitions will also be held in galleries, as well as containers and the old warehouses that make up Hamburg’s new Creative Center.

A focus on the future of photography is at the heart of the festival’s program. Curator Krzysztof Candrowicz describes his thoughts on the changing shape of the medium:

“Automated cameras, miniature devices the size of a grain of salt, cameras that capture odors, cameras in which the focus can be adjusted after the shot…the new aesthetic possibilities of photography have changed the way we look at the world. But a picture is still a picture. Since the camera is not a robot with artificial intelligence, the human behind the machine is still the crucial factor.”

Not only does this year’s theme open a dialogue on the future of photography in a technical sense, but it also looks at photography aesthetically. This year’s festival encourages an interdisciplinary focus, bringing together curators, artists, futurologists, and sociologists to build a bridge into the future of this dominant, widely prevalent form of communication.

Some of the highlights of the program include work from well-known figures, such as Berenice Abbott and David Hockney, to the work of the future’s great artists, people like Catherine Balet, Phillip Toledano and Hamburg-based photographer Henrik Spohler.

Since 1999, the Triennale has brought artists and photography enthusiasts from around the world to Hamburg. Each edition has been a resounding success, with the festival increasing both the number of exhibitions and the festival’s attendance numbers each year. We hope you will enjoy the small sample of works displayed in the above slideshow and we promise to bring you more in-depth features in the weeks to come.


Editors’ Note: The 6th Hamburg Triennale of Photography will run from June 18th to June 28th, 2015. Please visit the festival’s website to find out more about the diverse and exciting program.