As part of PHotoEspaña’s Festival Off, Ivorypress presents Under 35, a collection of work by five up-and-coming artists. Lacking institutional support, many of them act as their own managers, publishing and promoting their work individually. Fueled by their independence, the following projects reflect just some of the inspired work that’s being made in contemporary Spanish photography:

Following their loss of their daughter Cammy to bulimia, her family allowed Laia Abril to document their grieving process. The Epilogue reconstructs Cammy’s life through family snapshots, objects and documents, offering an abstract look at bulimia by showing the different issues and conflicts Cammy struggled with throughout her life, as well as their effect on her family, the indirect victims of this disease.

Alberto Lizaralde similarly deals with sensitive subject matter. A reflective project with a three-act narrative structure, Everything will be ok offers a look at the artist’s emotional breakdown over a period of five years.

In Los Barros del Monje, Javier Marquerie Thomas combines the personal with the historical. Examining the 1937 Battle of Brunete, he photographs his family’s country estate, the place where the battle took place. Scarred by shrapnel and ammunition, the landscape makes for an interesting narrative series. Through these photographs, the artist confronts the memories of a war he never experienced and thoughtfully examines the remnants it has left behind.

Between 2009 and 2013, Óscar Monzón photographed Karma. This project focuses on cars as a metaphor for humanity, studying people’s attitudes and behaviors through their vehicles, the societal desire to achieve mechanical perfection.

Jodri Ruiz Cirera also looks outside himself in The United Soya Republic. Documenting the changes in Paraguay’s landscape and socioeconomic fabric agricultural export model, Cirera critically examines the world’s fourth largest exporter of soy, a million-dollar transnational industry.

Connected by their curiosity and drive to uncover the unknown, these five photographers push the boundaries of their subject matter through their individual environments and distinct perspectives.

—Lauren Sarazen

Editor’s Note: Under 35 will be exhibited at Ivorypress from May 26 to July 18,
2015. It is part of PhotoEspaña’s Festival Off program.