The following photographers won awards at the LensCulture Exposure Awards in 2009 in the Single Image category. The three images can be seen in the slideshow above. The artist's statements on their work can be read below.

You can access the photographers' LensCulture profiles and personal websites by clicking on their names.

Brad Moore
Winner, 1st Prize

These photographs were shot in modest, well-worn, suburban cities in central and inland Southern California. 

Built in the 1950s and 60s, these cities provided a new home and future to a post-war population. This is where I grew up and, after 25 years, I returned. The areas I remembered were fading away, and I was struck by the simultaneous growth and decline. 

Initially, it was the buildings that interested me; I shot them in formal, almost symmetrical compositions. Then I began shooting the surrounding shrubbery with the same architectural approach. 

I liked the way the buildings and plants worked together, so that is how the project evolved. I have opted to avoid traditional, documentary-style photography; instead I have photographed in primarily static compositions, reflecting change, irony and evolution.

Stella Johnson
Winner, 2nd Prize

A hyphen has a space on either side of it. When our grandparents emigrated here from Greece, we became hyphens. We were the hyphens between Greek and American culture. 

After years of investigating by camera the rural back roads of Mexico, Nicaragua, and Cameroon, I arrived at my grandmother's place of birth and set to work. 

This photograph is the product of this hurtling into the present tense. I photograph people as an act of photographing myself.

Laura Pannack
Winner, 3rd Prize

My images aim to capture an emotion and evoke a narrative. I want to intrigue my audience and invite them to reflect on a painted moment. 

Brad Moore, Stella Johnson and Laura Pannack are the 2009 recipients of the LensCulture Exposure Awards, Single Image category. Each will receive cash prizes: 1st prize, $1,000; 2nd Prize, $500; 3rd prize, $250.

All three prize winners also receive $1,000 credit toward a custom-designed website by LiveBooks, and a custom-made Blurb photobook of his or her photographs.

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Congratulations to all!