We’re thrilled to present the winners of the 2009 LensCulture Exposure Awards

On this page we include one photo for each winner, as well as links to their websites, so you can discover more about each of them and their remarkable work.

The range of work submitted for this year’s Awards was impressive. It varied richly in subject matter, genre, technique, and artistic approaches. In fact, a few of the winners use photography merely as a starting point in their captivating multi-media artwork. The number of submissions was well over 6,000 and were submitted by artists from 47 countries.

For the members of our world-class jury, the process of looking critically at such a body of work was at once daunting and exhilarating. We hope you will enjoy this diverse selection of photography from around the world as much as we do.

The award winners for 2009 are:

Portfolio Category
Grand Prize: Marco Vernaschi

Single Image Category
Grand Prize: Brad Moore
2nd Prize: Stella Johnson
3rd Prize: Laura Pannack

Honorable Mention Awards
Edmund Clark
Sylvain Deleu
Julie Denesha
Peter DiCampo
Johan Ensing
Kate Geraghty
Leah Giesler
Jan Grarup
Colin Gray
Jessica Hines
Elin Hoyland
Priya Kambli
Mischa Keijser
Rania Matar
Adam Panczuk
Zubin Pastakia
Paolo Patrizi
Alexis Pike
Michelle Sank
Olivier Sarbil
Mahesh Shantaram
Yisook Sohn
Daniel Traub
Raina Vlaskovska
Danielle Voirin 

Cheers to everyone who participated. And heartfelt thanks to every member of our jury this year.