The following photographers won awards at the 2010 LensCulture Exposure Awards in the Single Image category. 

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Martine Fougeron
Winner, 1st Prize
From the series Tête-à-Tête: After-Prom 09

In 2005, Fougeron began photographing her sons, presenting the subtle, beautiful details of daily life through informal portraits of these young teenagers.  As the project broadened to consider the relationships between the sons and among their circle of friends, Fougeron observed that most photography about teenage boys has portrayed dysfunction rather than the routine angst, exuberance, and rebelliousness that characterize adolescence.  Continuing to focus on day-to-day moments and seeming non-events, Fougeron chose to present what she saw as a more representative portrait of teenage life—filled not with despair, but with the rich and complex drama of growing up.  With After Prom, Fougeron closes the adolescent phase of Tête- à-Tête, examining a key rite of passage—the post-prom party.  Fougeron captures the abandon and the ambivalence of this moment when the comfort of what is familiar begins to slip away. 

Albertina d'Urso
Winner, 2nd Prize
From the series Haiti on its knees but still alive

A massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti on January 2010, leaving hundreds of thousands of dead, injured and homeless and destroying the capital of Port au Prince and the surrounding areas.

After the first weeks of emergency, Haitians, who are used to survive with little to nothing, have responded by doing what they can to make life as normal as possible. They are finding refuge wherever it's available and trying to carry on with their activities in this incredible devastation...

Anne Berry
Winner, 3rd Prize
From the series Menagerie 

In today’s society pets are pampered and anthropomorphized, but animals are often overlooked and dismissed. My photographs are about the beauty of animals but, more importantly, about their plight. The pictorial quality of these images softens the shock, but the punch is there in the eyes and expressions of the animals. I anticipate the moment that I can capture something in the essence of an animal, so that through the photograph it speaks. Each animal begs the viewer to consider his place in a world where bulldozers are rapidly destroying animal habitats; he is an ambassador for all the animals in his species. 

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