The 2013 LensCulture FotoFest Paris marks the 4th annual international portfolio review in Paris. We were thrilled and honored to welcome 128 photographers and 47 photography experts who traveled from 40 countries to participate in the three-day event.

We believe that direct, face-to-face meetings between photographers and industry professionals are some of the most effective means for photographers to expand the recognition and reach of their work, and to boost their careers in international markets. Likewise, the professionals (art gallery owners, magazine photo editors, book publishers, museum and festival curators, agency directors, and others) are eager to discover new talents and to see the latest work of established artists and photographers.

The one-to-one meetings are short, intense, and personal. The hope is that when there is a good fit, a serious business relationship will begin, and continue into the long term.

In the slideshow above, we present one image from each photographer. Below, you can find the photographers listed alphabetically by name. Clicking on their name will give you access to their websites if you are especially interested in their work.

Participating Photographers

Andrea Alessio, Italy
Mona Alikhah, The Netherlands
Sylvia Carolinne de Andueza, Brazil
Atelieri O. Haapala, Finland
Christophe Audebert, France
Jinhee Bae, South Korea
Susan Barnett, United States
Marion Belanger, United States
Jo Bentdal, Norway
Guia Besana, France
Toufic Beyhum, United Kingdom
Joanna Black, Scotland
Nils Olav Bøe, Norway
Ditte Bolt, Denmark
Simona Bonanno, Italy
Garth Bowden, France
Daan Bramer, The Netherlands
Stina Brockman, Sweden
Karl Burke, Ireland
Calé, Brazil
Claudio Cambon, France
Carlotta Cardana, United Kingdom
Dori Caspi, Israel
Zabo Chabiland, Germany
Yeunme Choi, France
Dennis Church, United States
Emanuela Colombo, Italy
David Creedon, Ireland
Margherita Crocco, Switzerland
Marian Crostic, United States
Sean Davey, Australia
Sanne de Wilde, The Netherlands
Janis Deinats, Latvia
Gilles Demarque de Rieux, Luxembourg
Guillaume d’Hubert, France
Marie Docher, France
Aleksandar Donchev, Macedonia
Willeke Duijvekam, The Netherlands
Charl Duran, South Africa
Natan Dvir, United States
Mark Edwards, United States
Éperis, Spain
Tomasz Fall, Spain
Anna Filipova, United Kingdom
Gertrud Fischbacher, Austria and Germany
Fryd Frydendahl, Denmark and United States
Yoshikatsu Fujii, Japan
Ben Gibson-Cowan, United Kingdom
Noelle Swan Gilbert, United States
Elodie Guignard, France
Marion Hansen, Norway
Dennis Hodges, Hungary
Michael Honegger, France
Kim Insook, South Korea and Japan
Xincheng Jia, China
Ole Marius Joergensen, Norway
Mariana Kamburova, Bulgaria
Youngho Kang, South Korea
Rhea Karam, United States
Vivian Keulards, The Netherlands
Tomoko Kikuchi, China
Dong Yoon Kim, United Kingdom
Bart Koetsier, The Netherlands
Juul Kraijer, The Netherlands
Yaron Lapid, United Kingdom
Jean Laughton, United States
J. K. Lavin, United States
Pavlos Lazos, Greece
Isabelle Levistre, France
Mira Loew, United Kingdom
Stephane Lorcy, France
Jim Lustenader, United States
Kathleen Magner-Rios, United States
Giorgio Majno, Italy
Nick Maslov, Russia
Laurent Mayeux, France
Gregory Michenaud, Poland
Liliana Molero, Uruguay
Marilynne Morshead, United States
Andras Nevai, Hungary
Vesselina Nikolaeva, Bulgaria
Fleur Olby, United Kingdom
Joey O’Loughlin, United States
Rea Lambrini Papadopoulou, Greece
Alessandro Pardi, Italy
Michel Pincaut, France
Robert Harding Pittman, United States
Alexandra Pouzet, France
Michele Robins, United States
Victor Robledo, Colombia
Nina Roeder, Germany
Hakon Røisland, Norway
Vincent Rosenblatt, Brazil
Wendy Sacks, United States
Shai Saul, Israel and Germany
Mark Schuler, United States
Carl Schultz, Norway
Marius Schultz, Norway
Werner Segarra, United States
Dieter Seitz, Germany
Sergey Sergeev, Russia
Randi Shenkman, United States
Jefferson Smith, United Kingdom
Aline Smithson, United States
Bob Soltys, United States
Gonzalo Sosa, France
David Southwood, South Africa
Armin Stelljes, Hong Kong
Andrea Stone, United States
Willem Stroom, The Netherlands
Siebe Swart, The Netherlands
Ricardo Teles, Brazil
Simon Brann Thorpe, United Kingdom
Valerii Tkachenko, Ukraine
Alexa Torre, Mexico
Thomas Ueberschlag, Germany
Marieke van der Velden, The Netherlands
Sjoukje van Gool, The Netherlands
Vsevolod Vlasenko, Russia
Sabine von Breunig, Germany
Justin Welch, United Kingdom
Stig Marlon Weston, Norway
Patrick Willocq, Hong Kong
Noriko Yabu, Japan
Ryoko Yamashita, Japan
Shigeru Yoshida, Japan
Luca Zanier, Switzerland

Cheers and special thanks to all of the photographers, expert reviewers, partners, supporters, staff and volunteers, who made this event such an overwhelming success!