In "Interruptions," Luis Mallo presents a group of images that capture ephemeral visions found on city walks — layers revealing more layers, visual compositions that are fragmented (and brought together) by the intertwining of cyclone fences and scaffolding materials, and haphazard juxtapositions that reveal temporary beauty. This work reminds the viewer that if we pay attention to our surroundings, we may find something delightful almost anywhere.

For Mallo, "Interruptions" isn’t an outcome, but a vital process, a way of looking that may offer a fresh perspective. As with his other work, Mallo invites us to look deeper and unearth that which lies beneath: latently waiting to be discovered under the veil of familiarity.

— Jim Casper

Editor's Note: "Interruptions" can be seen at the 
Praxis Gallery in Chelsea from January 8 until February 21, 2015.